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Crapemyrtle Bark Scale - FREE is a Course

Crapemyrtle Bark Scale - FREE



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In 2004, crapemyrtle bark scale was first discovered in the United States in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. In the years since, it has become an invasive pest of crape myrtle trees in many parts of Texas and surrounding states. As of spring 2018, crapemyrtle bark scale has not yet been reported in Florida; however, reports of infestations in Alabama and Georgia suggest it will not be long before it reaches Florida. The objectives of this module are to teach landscapers, nursery staff, and homeowners how to: identify the pest, report any sightings, and prevent spread of infested plant material.

• Introduction
• U.S. Distribution
• Projected Distribution
• Susceptible Hosts
• Identification
• Life Cycle
• Damage
• Preventing Spread
• Control
• Look-alike Species

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