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Protect U.S. Thousand Cankers Disease & Wheat Stem Rust Ug99 - FREE

Started Mar 26, 2018

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Full course description

Thousand cankers diseases is a fungal disease transmitted by a native twig beetle that affects species of walnut. It is spreading to parts of the Eastern United States where black walnut plays a large and important role in the forest ecosystem. Wheat stem rust is a fungal pathogen that affects wheat and barley. This particular strain of wheat stem rust is able to overcome the resistance that has been provided by the Sr31 gene that was bred previously into wheat varieties. The learning objectives are to understand the following regarding the diseases and pests:

• Hosts
• Vector
• Distribution
• Damage
• Life Cycle
• Identification
• Monitoring
• Control
• Spread
• Economic & Ecological Consequences
• Sample Submission